Saturday, 19 July 2014

Essences arrives!

I cannot tell you how long I have been waiting for Essence to come to the UK. I discovered this brand around 3 years ago in Spain and I've been dying to get my hands on some more!

First of all these nail polishes caught my eye immediately! L-R (Tip painter in white, Colour and go in bejos de brazil and Nail art special effects topper in Get the party started) Unfortunately I've only been able to play around with these on my toes as I have acrylic nails on, however I will be purchasing more and will do an in depth review of the brand very soon!

This next product was a purchase purely because I wanted to test one of the most difficult shades to create. This is the eye shadow in Blockbuster and it is a Matt cream colour. The formulation is amazing and using this all over the lids gives me a 'no makeup look'. Now that's the problem, the pigmentation on every other eye shadow was amazing except for this. Why the heck did I choose this shade? Grrrrrr.

Finally I picked up their lip liner in Cute pink, a medium warm pink shade. I'm pretty sure this was only 99p and although this is the only lip liner I have ever owned I can tell you for that price it is worth it! This isn't a majorly hydrating, creamy product but the pigmentation is great and let's face it i'm only going to apply lipstick over the top?

Unfortunately I can't tell you the price of these products as silly Wilkinson had offers on their cosmetics and only put the reduced price on my receipt, sorry. However, all of these goodies only cost me £6.50, BARGAIN ALERT!

Have you tried any Essence products?


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