Sunday, 8 June 2014

Free eyeliner?!+ First impressions

 I must admit i've never been an avid magazine reader myself but I have been tempted recently by some of the freebies inside of them.

I'm not afraid to say it i'm one of those girls who can't resist a bargain and this was one of those times! This months June Glamour magazine is currently on sale for £2 with a FREE! full sized Eyeko Skinny liquid eyeliner in Black or Navy Blue, which is usually £12 that's a £10 saving!

I opted for the Black as I figured i'd get more use than Navy blue; to be quite honest I was shocked that Navy blue eyeliner was back in fashion i'm sure that was a 90's thing? 

First impressions:
Well, personally i'm extremely impressed with this product when I first saw the nib though I was slightly skeptical. I mean, come on it's not exactly 'skinny' is it? Especially in comparison to my Rimmel precision micro liner I thought this wouldn't even compare. Well, wasn't I wrong. I actually think ease wise there both entirely equal however having a slightly thicker nib makes it alot quicker to attempt a winged eyeliner look. The eyeliner it's self was very pigmented and is a complete black, with not an ounce of those horrible chunks of glitter in them, yuck!

The slightly thicker nib makes it easier to create a winged look whilst the tip of the nib is very precise. The actual formulation itself is quite smooth and seemed to just glide across my eye. One of those nice formulations which is not too wet or dry.

My First impressions of this product are amazing and i'll be keeping my eye out for more freebies in magazines this summer! Pssttt... There's Clinique freebies in next months Glamour.


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