Tuesday, 16 September 2014

DIY- Duck Tape Notebooks!

I hope it's not just me whose bored out of their minds with plain notebooks. I'm fed up of seeing the same ones in my bedroom and the struggle to find cheap AND cute ones is just bloomin' impossible!
So when I saw this Duck tape in Asda I had a brainwave...

Duck tape notebooks!

I got this hardback notebook from Wilko for £1.25 but you can use any notebook you have, I prefer A5 but the size is completely upto you, I also find hardback works best but any notebook is fine.
The duck tape is avaliable in Asda for £3 or here there are other designs but this was my favourite.
So, here goes:

Step1: Measure out a strip of your duck tape either the length or width of your notebook.
(Apologies for the bad quality, I have no idea where that shoe lace has come from :/)

Step2: Cut the strip with a pair of scissors, make sure your line is straight though.

Step3: Place down the strip starting at the spiral end with the strip on the edge of the spirals or end of your notebook.

Step4: Smooth down your strip so there is no air bubbles.

Step5: Fold over the excess tape onto the inside of your notebook to make the edges neat ( you can always stick a piece of card over it at the end).

Step 6: Continue this until you get to the bottom where you will need to create another neat edge at the bottom of the notebook by folding it over the inside again. The corners can be tricky, cut a slit to stick them over each other.

Step7: Continue this on the back of your notebook.



Duck tape notebooks! Cost me £4.25 to make and I still have 3/4 a roll of tape left!

Let me know if you try this craft,

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